Emil Nolde’s Painting Techniques

Integrated presentation within the documentary exhibition in the forum of the Nolde Foundation Seebüll
Projected opening probably from summer 2023

After the completion of renovation work and the reopening of the Nolde House, the documentary exhibition is expected to re-open in summer 2023 with a new concept and design. The new concept not only focuses on the biographies of Ada and Emil Nolde but also, for the first time, on the artist’s painting techniques. The interdisciplinary joint research project has revealed how Nolde’s working method is characterised by considerable craftsmanship, a joy at maximising the possibilities of different painting techniques, his changing artistic techniques and, last but not least, the enormous breadth of his visual imaginative power. X-rays and infrared photographs, X-ray fluorescence scans and microscope images convey a rarely visible level in Nolde’s art. The documentary exhibition will present the findings of the long-term research project in a well-founded, multifaceted and playful way and, therefore, permanently contextualise the changing display of original works of art in the Nolde House. In this way, in-depth knowledge on the artist will be provided in a condensed and unusually profound way in Seebüll, the place where he worked and lived.